Saturday, April 24, 2010

Purchase Entry

Purchase Entry

Purchase Entries in Invoice mode (without classes)

Purchase Vouchers can now be created in Invoice mode. You can enter the suppliers' invoices in the same way as they physically appear.

Set-up Invoice Mode entry for Purchase transactions
Select F11:Company Features.

Set the option 'Allow Invoicing' to Yes.

Enter Purchases in Invoice Format? Set it to Yes .

Accept the screen using Ctrl+A.

Entry of Purchase vouchers in Invoice mode
Select F9:Purchases. Select As Invoice button or use CTRL+[V]. This button is a toggle for Invoice and Voucher modes. You may want to use the voucher mode for more complex entries.

Entries are exactly like sales invoices and hence are not discussed.

The treatment of additional cost of purchases needs elaborating.

Additional Cost of Purchases
If it is desired to add the other purchase expenses like freight and import duty to the cost of the item, you would have activated the option in F11:Company Features 'Track Additional Costs of Purchases'. In voucher mode, the additional cost details have to be filled in after the allocation of each purchase item.

In Invoice mode, the treatment of additional costs on stock items is automated by altering the parent group master details of the expenses.

In many situations, more than one item is purchased where the expense that is incurred for them is charged as a lump-sum. However, to give an effective cost including the expense to each purchased item, you would earlier give additional costs of purchase for each item. That method though very flexible and practical could be tedious. That process is now automated and allocation of the expense to stock item can be done on a predefined basis.

The following set-up activity is required to be carried out:

Alter the Parent Group of the expense ledger accounts, e.g. Direct Expenses. You will find a new option - Method to Allocate when used in Purchase Invoice. If you want to appropriate the ledger accounts under this group to stock items by either Quantity or value, you must select the option. Select Appropriate by Qty for our example.

Now if freight belongs to the group Direct Expenses, the amount will be apportioned by quantity, i.e., in the ratio of 1:5. If however, the parent group does not have an allocation method or is set to No Appropriation or Not Applicable, the amount of freight will not be apportioned to the items and will simply remain in the financial books as expense.

Note: In Invoice mode, Purchases can be allocated to Cost Centres only when Cost Centre classes are used, i.e., you have to auto-allocate purchases to cost centres if you are using the Invoice mode of entry. Using the voucher mode of entry for purchases allows manual allocation of purchases to cost centres.

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  1. When I add some charges incurred in my purchase invoice such as local transportation and freight etc its being allocated properly but i\ this amount is being added to the supplier ledger, i just want to the supplier amount same as invoice and transportation and other things should go to the agent account, can you please tell me how to handle this?